It appears my new scanner will take some learning. I scanned this card in and it really showed shadows. Who ever said that current technology is better than the old machines that keep on running and running….lol.

Birthday card challenge - using crate paper

After fun weekend at Connie’s

Just got a new computer and setting things up and finally scanned the remainder of the layouts I did this past weekend at Connie’s. Michelle came down from Regina and wow, their work was totally amazing as well. I had a blast. I even tried my first attempt at doodling on a full sheet of cardstock thanks to achallenge by Andrea Weibe. Here is mmy first attempt at doodlingy latest stuff.

Re-acquainted with ex bro in law

This is so cool.  Facebook has its own way of finding people from the past.  I just have added some of my ex’s extended family and happy that one of them wrote me.   Barry is a terrific artist who lives in Cowichan Bay and his work never ceases to amaze me.  He gave me his website of his latest work and he is as good or better than I remembered.

What an inspirational message

I got this off the Scrapbooking Fanatics forum that one of the girls shared. It has a powerful message.

Each and everyday wipe our slate clean of past mistakes.
Each and everyday clean the cobwebs from our mental house.
Each and everyday empty the emotional trash from yesterday.
Never ever carry the garbage from yesterday into today.
Carry only the valuable lessons from yesterday into today.
We have the power to choose what to include in today’s menu.
We decide what we want in today’s menu.
Look forward to each day with hope and optimism.
Today is the only day we have in our possession.
Today, you’re about to love in a manner you have never expressed love.
Today, you’re about to laugh and have fun in a manner that you have never had fun before.
Today, you’re about to do things you’ve never done before.
Today, you’re about to feel happiness in a way you’ve never felt happy before.
Today is the birth of a new you.
Today is the start of a new life for you.
Witness the miracles that will happen in our life when we discard the garbage from past.
We live in a magical Universe.
….Pas Paskaran