How has your style changed?

This is the way old houses are now after years of neglect

I was just going through old files and found a few of my favourite layouts.   These were all done in 2003 and 2004.  Thinking back then, I sure didn’t buy patterned paper, I used very little embellishments and I typed almost anything there was to journal.   Funny how your style changes over the years. The Broken Down layout was my one and only published layout done back in 2003 and I believe it was in 2004 that Legacy Magazine picked it up and put it in their magazine.  I still remember the thrill and couldn’t believe that they chose this plain layout…….and all I got for compensation was a free copy of the magazine which didn’t come til several months later.

One thought on “How has your style changed?

  1. Must be memory lane week…I did the same thing and realized some of the old ways are very nice methods of scrapbooking..Your layouts will always be a tribute to you for many years..or at least as long as the glue lasts..
    Connie Paxman

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