Feels good to have a clean scraproom

This is how it starts.  I bought a drawer unit on a whim.  Yikes….I didn’t realize it was going to come in a zagillion pieces.  Thank goodness for a friend helping me out with a power drill……..made the job so much easier. Then I tidied my scraproom and you sure won’t see it this way too often……..lol.

Notice how nice the unit looks in my room.  I still haven’t got it all organized yet.

So good to have my computer handy. And next is my hidden storage in the closet.  This is just one half on it.  Notice my method of using shower hooks and safety pins to hang embellishments from the clothes rod.

I am lucky to have a regular paper rack for my patterned paper.  I also have a wired book rack in there that holds my photo boxes and other containers with embellishments in there.  You can catch a glimpse of my sewing machine to the right.  Just to get it fixed so I can use it again.

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