Embossing with Spellbinders on Cuttlebug

I just got my first spellbinder die and decided to google my computer for using it with my cuttlebug.   I found some neat Utube demos and read a couple of articles and I found this new information at this blogging site by Elle Hutson. See here. I really found the use of spellbinder dies and cuttlebug machines very informative on her site.  I never knew that you could emboss using your spellbinder dies.  However, since I did not have the Spellbinder magnetic mat or their tan emboss mat, I found of different ways to emboss my dies.  More explanations for use of spellbinders on  cuttlebug here

I tried two methods and they both worked very well.  I took the rubber backings that came with my Unique Boutique stamps.   So I used A plate, B Plate, 2 rubber mats, card, spellbinder die facing down and then B to get an embossed edge.  The unfortunate part is that these rubber mats are small.  So I had an old mouse pad here and cut it the size of the plates for the cuttlebug and instead of using 2 rubber mats, I only used this alone and it worked with amazing results.

i already knew the combination for the quickutz dies on my cuttlebug which is A, B, Cardstock, die, and C.

I am off to play some more and will show some after I have finished.

3 thoughts on “Embossing with Spellbinders on Cuttlebug

  1. Hi – new to nestabilities, and like you, checked the web for help. Since this post is 2008, I was wondering if you might update me on the use of the mouse pad (or any other update alternative materials) and how they have performed for embossing. Is the sequence A, B, Mouse, card, upsidenown die, and B?

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